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In Buddhism, one is constantly reminded of the interdependence of every object,

being, and concept within the universe and the subtle impact and consequences of

each choice we make. While we have made great strides in environmentalism in

recent years, the number of animals that are endangered and becoming extinct is

still significant, as is climate change that threatens ecosystems. There is little

denying that we, and much of the life on the planet, are facing very critical times.

Respecting living beings can make or break their very survival now, and simple

informed consumer choices can have very consequential impacts on environments,

food for animals, and humans all over the world. At the same time, science is

teaching us more and more how animals live rich, emotional lives and experience

joy, love and sorrow. When one is willing to recognize this, it is very difficult not to

have the greatest compassion for so much of the life living in such a fragile balance


Right to Exist: Endangered Black Rhino
Right to Exist: Endangered Black Rhino
Acrylic on Canvas
24" x 24"